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Solutions for Success

Einhornconsulting will bring you a better return on investment by investing in genuine love for others. Leaders who have understood that their own power lays within themselves and their workforce will lead their company safely through uncertain economic times.

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Everything you want lays behind the horizon of fear.

Einhorn Consulting gives advise how to deal with disruption - designed for companies who want to lose their fear of changes. It is radical and honest consulting, without diplomacy. It is efficient and it comes from Germany. It is consulting for next level leaders of our industry.

Einhorn Consulting will turn your business profitable with the means of sustainability, intercultural perspectives and gender equality.

Einhorn Consulting shows you who you are when seemingly stable economic markets break down. It will guide you to the future of sustainable profit-making through equality and diversity by the support of digital technology.

You will be ready for the 22nd century.

100 % AGILE

German "Einhorn" - "Unicorn - English.

Matriarchal Business Structures

Achieve Your Goals

Patriarchal structures of economy have triggered the crash of Covid-19. Therefore you can only save your business if you make a drastical turn towards the leadership of female employers. We will help you guide your business towards an total revamp of your business model with the help of your strongest female workers to help you survive financially.


Expert Guidance

You have not founded your business yet or you are longing for change? We will analyze your capacities and will develop with you a sustainable business model for the future. You will become the colourful cheeky unicorn on the grey market. Your business will meet the solutions for your clients and the needs of your employers.


Grow Your Business

Consulting for having the competive edge. This service is designed for companies branches and departments who like to diversify their products towards a digital unicorn - a rarely seen object everybody wants.


Achieve Your Goals

Honesty and Authenticity are the key words for a successful marketing campaign? But are you also ready to talk about your fails and your weaknesses? This is what stands out today - the honesty to handle faults and to create an open "fail safe" atmosphere for employers and candidates. We develop with you an authentic employer branding. For you to never miss the right job applicant who fits perfectly.


In this podcast the consultant Valerie Lux speaks with experts about the positive transformation of the  corona virus for your business. Listen now how  economy and society will benefit from Corona and what you can do to survive within the community:



Valerie, Lux, CEO

"When I was a kid I played with my sisters “troll washing” - we plunged the colorful hairy trolls into a shampoo bath. Twenty years later I got hunted by reals “trolls” - conservative male IT-nerds who were furious about my articles about women and migrants in the technology sector. I realize that what leaders miss the most in these times is empathy. And the courage to show empathy. I once cycled alone with my bike 3000 kilometer in a row through the post-war Eastern Europe. I had no fear. I reported as journalist over ethnic and military foreign issues in Kosovo and Northern Ireland. I had no fear. I lived in a monastery in the Scottish Mountains. But the moment I trembled the most in my professional life was to admit, that I was once fetched by criminal police and brought to a closed psychiatric unit.   I was once homeless. I was once poor. I achieved a certification in leadership. I lived a full winter alone on an Italian island on the mediterranean sea as a hermit. I won several scholarships and studied at one of the most prestigious universities. I did not finish my master degree. I worked on a farm. I founded my own business, I started to work as successful moderator and journalist for economy. My partner betrayed me. I won prizes for my work. I worked for two consulting companies. I realize that old white men are consulting old white men.


It takes courage to admit, that we are human. And that we are diverse. 


Since 2020 I scale leaders to the next level of profit: Be the unicorn. Be diverse. Be real and fortune will follow."


Daily rate of consulting by Einhornconsulting  for female leaders: 0,- € per day.

Daily rate of consulting by Einhornconsulting  for male leader: 2000,- €.

Our price model is calculated by the methods of positive discrimination.

Kaleb Schiffman

IT-Consultant Kaleb Schiffmann works as partner consultant for Einhornconsulting. He has more than 10+ years of experience in change management of  IT-structures. His vision is to maintain honesty throughout change process and to support equal dialogue between employers and employees.

Carolin Desirée Toepfer

IT-Security Expert and Strategist Consultant Carolin Toepfer works as partner consultant for Einhornconsulting. Her expertise lays in the field of of developing new strategies for start-ups and acquiring funding for investments.