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Einhornconsulting will bring you a better return on investment by investing in genuine love for others. Leaders who have understood that their own power lays within themselves and their workforce will lead their company safely through uncertain economic times.

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Everything you want lays behind the horizon of fear.

Einhorn Consulting gives advise how to deal with disruption - designed for companies who want to lose their fear of changes. It is radical and honest consulting, without diplomacy. It is efficient and it comes from Germany. It is consulting for next level leaders of our industry.

We offer bootcamps  private companies in the aim of achieving autarchy regarding the introduction of:

- Working more efficient and productive cycles of nature and the moon

-Stories sell, but data tells: Measuring in operating figures and key data the outcome of management results

- Towards Emotional Leadership: Implementing efficient structures revolving around the needs the of a mother towards a real increase of profit on the profit and loss account

- 100 % creating  digital twins mirroring actual  needs of your business

- Implementing ecological supply chain management with organic and seasonal products

- Turning authoritative structures towards an innovative open atmosphere with more creative employers working more efficiently

-How to survive with your team as digital indigenous by travelling and working with your laptop in the nature

You will be ready for the 22nd century.

Einhorn (German) = Unicorn (English) 


Whistleblower Consulting

Imagine you have a investigative journalist in your employers rank. What would she find out? Within seven days we find out what you don't need to hide. 


Moon Scrum

Sick of having a tired staff in neon-light offices? Untap the creativity of your work force by applying this project management tool. Moon Scrum mirrors the natural cyle of menstruation and the of nature to gain a more efficient  working style and is best suited for diverse and multincultural teams.


Communication of Truth

You don't know why no one wants to follow your brand on Facebook or Instagram? Maybe you are boring. But don't worry: Every company and every individual has a story to tell. We find the unicorn inside of you and  how you can make money with unicorn storytelling. 


Unicorn Journalism

You are craving of getting fresh content about the survival of economical healthy business for your audience? You have no idea how the world after Covid-19 wil look like? Good news: It's all getting better. We provide tailored made positive and sulotion-based  video-, audio and written

content which brings hope in the hearts of your audience.


This is the Einhornconsulting leadership & strategy podcast Viva for CEO`s. Valerie Lux speaks with enterprise leaders and changemakers about the profitable digital and ecological business transformation after Covid-19. Listen now on Spotify, ITunes or directly on our Website:

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No fees included. 


Valerie, Lux, CEO

"When I was a kid I played with my sisters “troll washing” - we plunged the colorful hairy trolls into a shampoo bath. Twenty years later I got hunted by reals “trolls” - conservative male IT-nerds who were furious about my articles about women and migrants in the technology sector. I realize that what leaders miss the most in these times is empathy. And the courage to show empathy. In 2015 I cycled alone with my bike over three months in a row through the post-war Eastern Europe. I had no fear. I reported as journalist over ethnic and military foreign issues in Kosovo and Northern Ireland. I had no fear. I lived in a monastery in the Scottish Mountains. But the moment I trembled the most in my professional life was to admit, that I was once fetched by criminal police and brought to a closed psychiatric unit.   I was once homeless. I was once poor. I achieved a certification in leadership. I lived a full winter alone on an Italian island on the mediterranean sea as a hermit. I won several scholarships and studied at one of the most prestigious universities. I did not finish my master degree. I worked on a farm. I founded my own business, I started to work as successful moderator and journalist for economy. My partner betrayed me. I won prizes for my work. I worked for two consulting companies. I realize that old white men are consulting old white men.


It takes courage to admit, that we are human. And that we are diverse. 


Since 2020 I scale leaders to the next level of profit: Be the unicorn. Be diverse. Be real and fortune will follow."

Like to listen more of my story?

Currently I am biking through seven European countries to find out where the money after Covid-19 went. For 5 € per month you can subscribe to my videos, radio and articles as biking investigative  business journalist.














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Kaleb Schiffman

IT-Consultant Kaleb Schiffmann works as advisor on change making for Einhornconsulting. He has more than 10+ years of experience in change management of  IT-structures anc change of  leadership. His vision is to maintain honesty throughout change process and to support equal dialogue between employers and employees.

Kaleb Schiffman

IT-Consultant Kaleb Schiffmann supports  as advisor for change making  Einhornconsulting. He has more than 10+ years of experience in change management of  IT-structures anc change of  leadership. His vision is to maintain honesty throughout change process and to support equal dialogue between employers and employees.


HarY Cahrtzianotis

Hari has more than 20+ experience in multicultural projects as social worker. As language tutor and philosopher he supports Einhornconsulting as video producer and strategic advisor. His vision is to make everyone free of public and private oppression.

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