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What is Moon Scrum?


The project management tool “Moon Scrum” is designed to transform business models or start new business during times of disruption. The project tool is an extension of the yet existing project management tool Scrum which today is widely used by companies around the globe. 

Working in cycles is based on the natural cycles of the moon. The Moon Scrum combines the mindful energies of the Chinese Philosophy Yin and Yang in and the hinduistic body understanding of Chakra and Yoga with the Agile Manifesto, which was  invented by Software Developers.  Therefore it links the principles of digital working to the functioning of the human body. It combines mindfulness with productivity. If you are not exploiting your body you will not create a business model which exploits others. Therefore after every active phase of implementing plans follows a passive phase in evaluating what has been done.

We implement together with you the Moon Scrum for your workforce.

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