How we work

We accompany the transformation of authoritarian and patriarchal structures into companies based on the principles of social entrepreneurship by means of video, audio and written live reporting.. Honest reporting about the transformation process in social media is inevitable. As part of our own reflection process we also put my responsibility as management consultants up for public debate. Productive processes can only be recognised if there is complete transparency. We moderate the ideas put forward by your internal employers external stakeholders such as the company's workforce in a publicly accessible digital discussion forum. The discussion takes place on  platforms fosterin  rational debates.

We apply the following principles:

  • Non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg

  • Taking into account the opinion of the underrepresented minority in the company in terms of the principle of justice of the business philosopher John Rawls

  • Transparent disclosure and data analysis of all company-internal business cases that are required to protect employees from further violence by management researcher Tomas Premorro-Chamuzic​

Hourly wage is 100 €.

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